Othot: Co-op: Week Twelve Reflection

Hello all!

This is my last week here at Othot. After three months, I can say that I learned more than expected. Coming into this Co-op, I did not really know what to expect. I am so grateful that I got the opportunity for this experience. During my time here, I learned more than just what it means to be a data scientist. I got experience with how to present myself in meetings, how to conform to an office setting, and how to write professional emails. Being a data scientist was challenging but also very interesting. I learned how the algorithms work, I learned what it takes to make predictions on data, and also how to preprocess data to get the best results. I made professional relationships that I know will help further my career, and also made friends with some of the other interns.

For this whole experience, I give myself a rating of 5. I tried my hardest, was always on time, and engaged with what I was doing. Othot is a great company and I expect big things from them in the future!

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