Othot: Co-op: Week Eleven Reflection

Week eleven has been filled with a lot of testing. I focused a lot on running tests on the customer data I have been working on. Testing began with removing mapping on a certain variable to see how the results would be altered. I tested a number of leaf samples along with different variables to exclude with certain dates. The results we saw were very interesting and are something we have to do some further digging into.

Later this week I starting looking into some new stuff for different customers. Today, I did a lot of analyzing results. It took me awhile to go through the files, find the values we needed, and copy them into a nice excel spreadsheet. We are trying to see comparisons of two different years, and look at some trends with the data. I am preparing for my exit here at Othot with only a couple of weeks left. During the last weeks, I will hopefully be looking at a new set of customer data and apply the knowledge I have learned throughout this Co-op.

I give myself a quality performance rating of 5 this week. Running testing on data is something interesting because you can see the differences in data when you exclude and include certain variables. I was able to execute and draw conclusions based on my judgement.

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