Othot: co-op: week three reflection

Week three has been very productive for me. I was able to write my own preprocessing script for the new data set. I had to apply all of my knowledge learned thus far for writing these scripts in .json format. This is something that shows how much I have learned in just three weeks. Before starting here, I would’ve never thought this is something I would be able to do. My experience has already taught me so much in just three weeks, and by the end I will be prepared for a job in analytics. We had our weekly stand-up meeting where we cover what each other is working on. It’s very interesting to see the progress of all of us so far, and where we are heading in the future. In the upcoming weeks, I hope to get the data prepared for the model and see what it returns. Cleaning up the data has not been easy because there are a number of duplicates and inconsistencies that are not helpful when it comes to the model. Writing these scripts is what prepares the data for predictions.

In the next couple of weeks, we should get more close to seeing the predictions from what we’ve been working on. I hope to continue with my progress and achieve more next week.

I give myself a quality performance rating of 5 this week. I had to work reallly hard and challenege myself and am starting to understand more and more what this company is about.

Have a good weekend! Let’s go Pens

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