Othot: Co-Op: Week Two Reflection

During week two, I was able to accomplish a couple of new tasks, along with learning a few new techniques. On Monday, I mainly focused on practicing writing scripts in .json again. This is something that is very important I understand because I will be using it almost everyday here. I practice a lot to see what works and what will not work, and also what the files that I am outputting look like and if they are useful. Tuesday and Wednesday were very interesting for me. On these two days, I used my knowledge from my Business Analytics course on a project here. We were looking at different sets of data clusters, and seeing what stuck out from each of them so we know what the groups were being clustered by. I really enjoyed doing this because it is very interesting to see what each cluster centers are and why they are grouped together. I also helped my co-worker run a couple of scripts that normally would take 30-40 minutes. My othePittsburgh_Pirates_MLB_Logo.svgr co-worker figured out a way to cut down the time too around 1-2 minutes which really helped us out. The purpose of running these scripts was to look at probabilities from the data set. Another thing that I accomplished this week was writing my own script on a set of data that will be used to help calculate distance. Thursday was a pretty cool day because the company attended a Pirate game. It was really fun to get know some of the other interns better, and also have a day off of work!

I give my quality performance rating a 5 this week. I was definitely challenged and had to use my mind when it came to completing some of these tasks. I am starting to get the hang of things around here and am really enjoying the atmosphere.

Looking forward to next week! 🙂

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