Monthly Archives: June 2016

Othot: Co-Op: Week Six Reflection

Week six has been a huge accomplishment for my co-op experience. This week was the finalizing of the data before we sent out our final result report to the customer. After all of the hard work we have done the past couple of weeks, it has finally all come together. Week six has been filled

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Othot: Co-Op: Week Five Reflection

Week five here at Othot has been very productive. We finally got the main preprocessing steps done for the data set! This is a big accomplishment for me because this is my first time ever doing something like this. Also, I was able to write a train script and a predict script to use. These

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Othot: co-op: week three reflection

Week three has been very productive for me. I was able to write my own preprocessing script for the new data set. I had to apply all of my knowledge learned thus far for writing these scripts in .json format. This is something that shows how much I have learned in just three weeks. Before

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