We need to install some software first. Execute the following lines in your jail:

sudo pkg install python37
sudo pkg install py37-notebook
sudo pkg install py37-pandas
sudo pkg install py37-scikit-learn

We also need to install matplotlib. This can be achieved by running the following lines:

sudo pkg install pkgconf
sudo pkg install png
sudo pkg install freetype2
sudo python3.7 -m ensurepip
sudo pip3.7 install --upgrade pip
sudo pip3.7 install --upgrade setuptools
sudo pip3.7 install matplotlib


The notebook requires some configuration changes in order to make it work. First, we have to generate a password by running


and then enter the following (do not pick a sensitive password as it will be sent in plain text over the internet in a later step!):

In [1]: from notebook.auth import passwd
In [2]: passwd()
Enter password:
Verify password:
Out[2]: 'sha1:some_hashed_password'
In [3]: exit

and then copy the sha1:some_password string (it will look different depending on the password you chose). Then run

mkdir -p ~/.jupyter
ee ~/.jupyter/

and enter the following lines (replace some_password with your password):

c.NotebookApp.ip = ''
c.NotebookApp.password = u'sha1:some_hashed_password'
c.NotebookApp.open_browser = False
c.NotebookApp.allow_remote_access = True
c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir  = '/tmp'
c.NotebookApp.port = 8080

Then run

sudo ee /usr/local/bin/run-jupyter-notebook

and insert the following lines:


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/gcc7
/usr/sbin/daemon -c -f /usr/local/bin/jupyter-notebook

Also make the file executable by running

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/run-jupyter-notebook

We can finally start the notebook server by executing


We also have to make sure that the program starts after rebooting. This can be achieved by adding an entry in the crontab:

sudo ee /etc/crontab

and then add the following line at the end

@reboot $USERNAME /usr/local/bin/run-jupyter-notebook

where you have to replace $USERNAME with your own actual username.


After setting everything up we can finally start using Python notebooks. Simply point your browser to the following URL and log in with the password that you entered earlier:


Note that again you have to replace $USERNAME with your actual username.

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  1. Nick Bernini Reply

    I’ve followed the above steps, however, when i navigate to “”, the web page does not load. please advice on how I can trouble shoot.

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