Module 12: Single Page Applications

CMPS 364: NoSQL Databases


Learn about Single Page Application (SPA), also referenced as a thick client application. The presentation layer is offloaded to the browser, while the browser is responsible for rendering pages, navigation, and making API (Application Programming Interface) calls.

Overall learn about all of the responsiblities that the frontend is required to do to allow an application to function.

Module Objectives

  • Utilizing frontend frameworks
  • Learning what a single page does
  • Learn about Grunt, Gulp, Browserify, SAAS, and Handlebars
  • Learn about Test-deiven development on the frontend

Learning Resources

  • Module 12 Readings: Chapter 12
  • Module 12 Slides
  • Module 12 Video Tutorials

Learning Activities

  • Module 12 Assignment
  • Module 12 Lab

For Further Study

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