Module 8: Creating a RESTful API

CMPS 364: NoSQL Databases


In this module you will learn how to provide access to your data to external systems. This can allow inserts, updates and deletes to happen without a user visiting your website and manually making these types of changes.

We will learn about an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows external developers access to your data.

Module Objectives

  • Introducting RESTful APIs
  • Installing additional tools to support APIs
  • Creating a API server and sample JSON data
  • Responding to GET requests
  • Updating data with POST and PUT
  • Removing data with DELETE
  • Consuming external APIs from Node.js

Learning Resources

  • Module 8 Readings: Chapter 8
  • Module 8 Slides
  • Module 8 Video Tutorials

Learning Activities

  • Module 8 Assignment
  • Module 8 Lab

For Further Study

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