Module 6: Controllers and View Models

CMPS 364: NoSQL Databases


In the previous modules, the controllers we wrote for our application have been a basic. The primary job of a controller is to act as an entity which holds the logic that makes all of the necessary decisions to properly render a response to the client.

In this module, we will learn how to implement the logic for each of the controllers and how to display content from our View Model.

Module Objectives

  • Modifying the controllers so that they generate a data model and pass it to a view.
  • Including logic to support uploading and saving image files.
  • Updating the controllers to actually render dynamic HTML.
  • Including helpers for the partials that generate the website statistics.
  • Iterating on the User Interface to include improved usability via JQuery.

Learning Resources

  • Module 6 Readings: Chapter 6
  • Module 6 Slides: Chapter 6

Learning Activities

  • Module 6 Assignment
  • Module 6 Lab

For Further Study

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