Module 9: Other jQuery Libraries (Project 3b)

CMPS 262: Advanced Programming


Up to this point we have only looked at the jQuery library, but there are many others out there. In this module we will look at two other libraries that are related to the standard jQuery library, namely jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. jQuery UI has additional user interface widgets that are useful in many applications. jQuery Mobile is a library that is HTML5 based and focuses on mobile devices, such as phones and tablets (although it also works on desktop computers). Both libraries build on the standard jQuery library and require it to run. Note that jQuery UI is fairly easy to pick up, but that jQuery Mobile follows a special framework that you will have to learn.

Module Objectives

  • Develop web applications that use jQuery UI
  • Develop web applications that use jQuery Mobile

Learning Resources

Learning Activities

  • Readings
  • Discussion Board
  • Programming Project

For Further Study

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