Module 4: Queues

CMPS 260: Data Structures


Whereas the stack data structure implements a last in first out approach, the queue data structure implements a first in first out approach. Many processes, such as waiting in line in a store or sending documents to a printer, can be modeled with the queue data structure. The main operations that we will look at are enqueue and dequeue. It is also possible to create priority queues and circular queues.

Module Objectives

  • Describe the queue data structure
  • Implement creating and using a queue
  • Implement the priority queue
  • Implement the circular queue

Learning Resources

  • Module 4 Readings: Chapter 4 (skip ECMAScript sections)
  • Module 4 Slides: Chapter 4

Learning Activities

  • Module 4 Assignment

For Further Study

  • Read more about queues on Wikipedia
  • Read more about queues on Wikibooks

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