Module 11: Objects

CMPS 162: Introduction to Programming


Whereas functions are the building blocks in terms of functionality, objects allow data to be grouped and combined with methods (a function attached to an object). Objects are a composite data type just like arrays but are more flexible in what they can store and how they are used. An object consists of properties for data storage, methods for operating on properties, constructors for building objects, and prototypes for inheriting behavior. A program usually exists out of multiple objects that send each other messages.

Module Objectives

  • Describe objects
  • Use object properties
  • Use object methods
  • Use object constructors
  • Use object constructors for methods
  • Use object prototypes
  • Apply checking for properties and methods

Learning Resources

  • Module 11 Readings: Chapters 69 thru 75 from Myers

Learning Activities

  • Module 11 Assignment: Interactive Coding Exercises 69 thru 75

For Further Study

  • Read more about objects on Wikipedia

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