Module 12: Troubleshooting

CMPS 161: Networking and Security


This module focuses on internet technologies that have not previously discussed, but are also important. This includes technologies that you are all familiar with, such as Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) and cable modems, but also DHCP and DNS, where the latter makes it possible to type a domain name into the address bar of your browser, instead of an IP address. The second part of this module looks at the practical skill of troubleshooting. Unfortunately, technology has a tendency to not work properly or break and the culprit has to be identified and either fixed or replaced.

Module Objectives

  • Describe the purpose of a network protocol analyzer
  • Describe the to analyze captured data packets
  • Describe the contents of an FTP data transfer
  • Describe the traffic patterns a NOC (network operation center) might monitor
  • Discuss the commands to troubleshoot a router interface
  • Describe the purpose of an optical time domain reflectometer

Learning Resources

  • Module 12 Readings: Chapter 10
  • Module 12 Slides: Chapter 10

Learning Activities

  • Module 12 Quiz: Chapter 10
  • Module 12 Assignment: Certification questions from the end of the chapter

For Further Study

It is highly recommended to work through the exercises at the end of the chapter.

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