Module 5: Interconnecting LANs

CMPS 161: Networking and Security


In the previous module we looked at one way signals could be transmitted, namely cables. In this module, we will look at an alternative; electromagnetic waves (specifically micro and radio). There are many standards that define wireless networks, grouped in the 802.11 wireless LAN standard, and we will look at them. In addition, we will look at how both cabled and wireless networks can be used to interconnect LANs. Specifically, we will look at devices that connect networks such as routers and switches.

Module Objectives

  • Describe how a bridge is used to interconnect LANs
  • Discuss the advantages of using a switch instead of a hub
  • Describe the function of a router when used to interconnect LANs
  • Describe the interface associated with a router
  • Describe the function of a gateway in a computer network
  • Describe the concept of a network segment
  • Describe the concept of auto-negotiation

Learning Resources

  • Module 5 Readings: Chapter 5
  • Module 5 Slides: Chapter 5

Learning Activities

  • Module 5 Quiz: Chapter 5
  • Module 5 Assignment: Critical Thinking questions from the end of the chapter

For Further Study

It is highly recommended to work through the exercises at the end of the chapter.

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