Module 13: Database Applications II

CMPS 160: Databases


In this course, the topic of discussion has been mainly databases. However, databases live in an ecosystem in the real world where they have to interact with other software. This module looks at several ways other software connects to and interacts with databases. This will be a recurring theme throughout the IT program, simply because databases are used to store data and almost every application needs to store some data. We will also look at a different way of storing data, namely the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Module Objectives

  • Understand and be able to set up Web database processing
  • Learn the basic concepts of Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Learning Resources

  • Module 13 Readings: Chapter 7
  • Module 13 Slides: Chapter 7

Learning Activities

  • Module 13 Assignment: Chapter 7 Marcia’s Dry Cleaning Case Questions (skip H and I)
  • Nginx+PHP+MySQL+ODBC

For Further Study

It is highly recommended to work through the exercises at the end of the chapter, specifically:

  • 7.1 – 7.56

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