Module 13: Triggers & Events

CMPS 160: Databases


IIn this module, learn about the fundamentals of Database Administration and Database Development. It is a special stored procedure that is run when specific actions occur within a database. Most triggers are defined to run when changes are made to a table’s data. Triggers can be defined to run instead of or after DML(Data Manipulation Language) actions such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

Module Objectives

  • Learn how to create triggers that execute before or after an INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement is executed for a table.
  • Enable and disable the event scheduler.
  • Create events that execute at a specified time or at recurring intervals.
  • Learn how a trigger can be used to enforce data consistency or to insert rows into an audit table.
  • Learn when to use a trigger in your database environment.

Learning Resources

  • Module 13 Readings: Chapter 16
  • Module 13 Slides: Chapter 16

Learning Activities

  • Module 13 Assignment: Page 490 (Exercises 1-3) in the textbook.

For Further Study

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