Module 12: Stored Procedures II

CMPS 160: Databases


In this module, learn about the fundamentals of writing stored procedures, and how they can play a key role in database development. Stored Procedures provide an important layer of security between the user interface and the database.

Stored Procedures support security through data access controls because end users may enter or modify data, but do not write procedures. It preserves data integrity because the information is entered in a consistent manner.

You will learn another phase of both Database Administration and Database Development. It is a special stored procedure that is run when specific actions occur within a database.

Module Objectives

  • Learn how to create stored procedures and functions
  • Learn how to code call statements that run stored procedures
  • Learn how to code SQL (Structured Query Language) statements that use functions
  • Understand the basic process for validating data within a stored procedure or function
  • Learn about dynamic SQL (Structured Query Language)

Learning Resources

  • Module 12 Readings: Chapter 15
  • Module 12 Slides: Chapter 15

Learning Activities

  • Module 12 Quiz: Chapter 15

For Further Study

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