Module 7: Functions

CMPS 160: Databases


Database functions allow you to locate and perform calculations on specific areas of data in a database. Think about how you use functions in Microsoft Excel to add up cells to obtain a sum value. Functions in a database work similar.

Module Objectives

  • Learn about the data that can be stored in any of the character, numeric, date/time, and large object data types.
  • Learn about ENUM and SET data types
  • Learn how the use of functions can solve the problems associated with sorting string data that contains numeric values, and doing date or time searches
  • Learn the use of the ranking functions for ranking the rows returned by a result set
  • Learn the use of the analytic functions for performing calculations on ordered sets of data.

Learning Resources

  • Module 7 Readings: Chapter 9
  • Module 7 Slides: Chapter 9

Learning Activities

  • Module 7 Assignment: Chapter 9: Page 300 in the textbook exercises 1-6.
  • Module 7 Project: Group Progress Report Presentation

Further Study

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