Module 1: Getting Started

CMPS 160: Databases


Databases are one of the fundamental pillars of information technology. Any data that has to be persisted is very likely to be stored in a database. Every time you access a website on the internet data is retrieved from and stored in a database. What makes databases such a good tool for storing data? How do databases store data? What is a data model? All these questions and many more will be answered in this course. In this module, we will take a bird’s eye view on databases and touch on all the important concepts.

Module Objectives

  • Identify the purpose and scope of the book
  • Know the potential problems with lists
  • Understand the reasons for using a database
  • Understand how using related tables helps you avoid the problems of using lists
  • Know the components of a database system
  • Learn the elements of a database
  • Learn the purpose of a database management system (DBMS)
  • Understand the functions of a database application
  • Introduce nonrelational databases

Learning Resources

  • Module 1 Readings: Chapter 1
  • Module 1 Slides: Chapter 1

Learning Activities

  • Module 1 Quiz: Chapter 1
  • Module 1 Assignment: Chapter 1 San Juan Sailboat Charters Case Questions
  • Set up your environment

For Further Study

It is highly recommended to work through the exercises at the end of the chapter, specifically:

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