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Week 8 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week, we went around downtown Pittsburgh so we can take a photo shoot of us wearing the Knights merch so I can make a new store page. Having us wearing the clothes shows the customers what it would look like on you and it just looks better then just have jpgs of the clothing.

Week 7 at Pittsburgh Knights

Nothing really happened this week. I just had to fix some bugs we had with the site with the player bios again. I also wanted to see if I learn player management for the Fortnite team. I just need to get a relationship with the players. We also got a new intern. Him and I

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Week 6 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week there were a lot of issues with the site. Links were linked to the wrong address, pictures were moved to some random place, and the look of the mobile site for the hearthstone team and the fortnite team were just all messed up. I fixed the issues, but besides that nothing this week

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week 5 Pittsburgh Knights

This week was a very short week for the Knights. They are leaving for Austin Texas for PUBG Austin this weekend, and I am going to Florida tomorrow. Also Monday was a holiday and I didn’t have to go in. But I was set up on something called Trello, where we organize our tasks and

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Pittsburgh Knights Week 4

This week I was in charge of making an updating improvement on the homepage, make a Press release page where the company is in anything press wise, and make a academy application page. THe academy application page is for people who want to learn to get better at playing competitive gaming like PUBG, Fortnite, or

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Week 3 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week was a normal week at the knights. We decided to put the WordPress on the back burner and just work on the Wix site. I made a new page for the site called the Academy which we are trying to put in place for people or kids to get into the esports scene,

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Week 2 at the Pittsburgh Knights

During the Second week I kept up with updating the wix site, help set up an event for the Knights in South Side we were holding. I am also trying get the credentials to start on the WordPress site that I am building. The one we have on Wix is nice, but it is very

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First Week at the Pittsburgh Knights

I started working at the Knights on May 30th. During that week I was set up with an account for the website, Discord, and Slack. I went over how to change content on the website and how to publish or update content. I also learned how to research and email a company to see if

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CDC Internship Week 14

This has been another exciting week with my internship as it draws to an end. As I’ve stated in previous postings I have been accepted as and treated as just one of the employees not just an intern. This was extremely apparent when I stopped by our Administration building to update my Smart Card and

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CDC Internship Week 13

Well this week has been an exciting one in regards to my learning and professional growth. One of my goals during this entire endeavor has been to acquire as many industry related trade certificates as possible. The biggest benefit is that I’ve been able to apply what I have learned at Point Park University and

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