Welcome back to my time with Vitti & Vitti & Associates. This week was presented with some last-minute tasks that needed to be completed before the end of the week, mainly because of the holiday next week. Nevertheless, I continued working on the website, finishing the landing page as well as designing the internal pages.

In any working environment or organization, it is inevitable to be presented with last minute or unexpected projects, particularly, if you are collaborating with several departments at the same time. For these unexpected tasks, time management is of the essence and some priorities must be established. I think that input must be received from management or direct supervisor to ensure that my own work on previously established goals is not hindered by the time that must be invested in the additional work.

This week I was able to finish the landing page and I feel a lot of satisfaction from it. I got the Revolution Slider plugin to show what I wanted to show and with a nice design, approved by my supervisor. We also worked together to draft the internal pages and continued drafting content for them.

The collaboration with the other interns has been much appreciated, since it helps me to expedite last minute requests, as explained above, while trying to be on track with previous goals. However, the inevitable is expected and some of the tasks were not able to be completed but I am learning that this is ok, as long as progress is shown then it is perfectly justifiable that full achievement is not possible when new variables enter the game.

I give myself a 5 for this week, I completed the landing page for the website while juggling new requests with existing goals.

Be well and see you soon.

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