Week 11 Reflection Blog- Flores

Hi Everyone,

During week 11 of my internship, I got to meet with some awesome individuals to learn more about implementing video technology in our application. Our goal is to move towards machine learning and A.I. by obtaining measurements through our video and picture technology on our app. We have done extensive research on the implementation of obtaining dimensions through video. We are looking to speak to software and robotic engineers within the coming weeks to discuss more about this matter to better our app. We are still in the planning phase of getting a hackathon ready for our next release. Like I’ve said in previous posts, our current release is a beta version that in no way represents the ideas we have in mind for our MVP (minimum viable product). The current beta app has earned us a few jobs already and we are excited about the progress we are making. I have been working on creating estimates and quotes using our estimation tool and pricing tool. My primary job in the last week has been more on the project management side of the technology. I also attended a realtor affiliates event where I publicly spoke about MIGHTY’s services to a small group of individuals.

I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 for week 11. We are finally getting good traction with our app and jobs are being submitted. Although the technology development has slowed down a bit, I am still gaining a lot of experience in the tech startup world. Next week will be my last official week of as an intern for MIGHTY. I hope to participate in the hackathon within the next month and see the real development side of the application.

See you next week!

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