Just completed my 13th week! It has truly been a great experience. I was able to learn so much during my time. I am certain I have advanced greatly in my programming skills, Database management, and general understanding of how an IT systems work inside a company.

During the week, I continued to receive production data from the list of carriers I have set up last week, I also added a few new carriers to my list of completed carriers. From the programming aspect of my week, I cleaned up the user interface, making it easier to navigate and added new features. For example, I added a drop down table container when clicked shows a cleaner more detailed list for the user to view their shipment status. I also added new interfaces for the admin page to allow myself and the other developers to easily add new FTP carrier accounts to the database. As well as adding new company reference numbers to the database.

Then on Friday, I worked with my advisor and together we spent the majority of the day calling our carriers. We needed them to add certain loops that hold important information which allows us to better determine the customer that belongs under our 3PL in the file. This identifier we were trying to get helps us out in many ways, it allows to always know the company which the files are about, also it makes the code run faster by not having to search the Zip code and check names and address. From my experience so far it is very easy for the files to have misspelled customer info causing us to not find matches.

I give myself a weekly rating of 5 for this week. Next week will be my last week though I will be sad leaving such a fun and educational experience I know I have grown so much over the passing weeks.

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