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Hello All,

I have completed 7 weeks of my internship at MIGHTY and we are excited to announce that our app has been published in the IOS app store. Early last week, we found numerous bugs which held us back from allowing users to download and start using the app. As I have mentioned before, our current target market are real estate agents. We were able to get a meeting with a group of realtors from a popular real estate agency in Pittsburgh. The meeting was extremely beneficial in helping us figure out what tools we could add to the app in order to make it more user friendly. We received many suggestions from realtors that redirected our focus for the application. Late last week, we used the data collected from the realtors we met with to re-create new wireframes with newer options that would better suit their needs. Using the sketch app, we made some significant changes to the layout of the app. We also met with another developer who proposed we have a “hackathon” so that we can automate the app as much as we can. Currently, the app is very basic and most of the back-end work is done manually. We are working on implementing our estimation and pricing tools to spit out accurate estimates to our users for whatever job is submitted. In addition to all the changes made, we had a two hour meeting with the lead developer of the app. He walked us through github and showed us how he stored the files for the app and the API. This was a basic tutorial so that eventually we can make changes in-house for common misspellings and grammatical errors. We have a follow-up meeting with him again next week. This was a short week with the holiday but we managed to make some significant changes that we feel will attract more users in the Real Estate field.

I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 for this week. We gathered a lot of valuable information so that we can expand on our app. Moving forward, we will be working on extracting data from previous quotes and jobs that were submitted in the last year. This will allow us to get hourly averages for all types of jobs. I will also be recreating wireframes and organizing them so that we can use them for our hackathon.

See you next week!

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