Week 7 Reflection: TFM Co-op

This week at TFM, I continued making progress with the project and getting closer to a working version that will be ready for deployment. The big parts I worked on this week was adding improvements to the user interface and working with the database to get the correct records to display them to the screen. Prior to working on these changes my co-intern and I sat down with our supervisor Dave who outlined what type of data we should be focusing on. Since we first had to verify the user that will be logged in the application, we had to implement a number of checks to make sure the right data is being selected. This proved to be a little challenging but also fun work since I really had to problem solve and understand what was going on internally with the application.

We also got a nice visit from Professor Voortman in a meeting with our supervisor where we discussed our progress, technology, and our future plans. It is good to know that as I continue to study and work on new things, I have the support of my mentors who are invested in my success.

I give myself a rating of 5 for this week. Next week I will continue working on getting closer to that final version, fixing any bugs, and making sure all requirements are accounted for in order for our clients to be able to make use of our work. I’m looking forward to new challenges that will (inevitably) come up.

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