Another week passed for me here at TFM and I still continue to learn more and more, and I am getting closer to having a working prototype of my project. I am having a great experience learning and being given the opportunity to work here. It is helping me become a better programmer, and have a better work ethic. Since I have to meet deadlines and communicate with other people inside the company, as well as reach out to other companies to get the information I need.

Earlier this week I wrote up some documentation for the carriers to follow so they can format the files they send to our FTP server correctly. After I received some test files from one of our carriers I had some restructuring to do since my parser wasn’t structured to exactly handle the file they sent. But after a few days of work on it, I was able to improve my Base Driver for the rest of the files to come. I also fixed one of my functions that pulls the file from the FTP server to be able to parse multiply files in the folder, as before it could only run one at a time. Finally, I started working on the query that matches the correct information in the database to the client based on the user’s input. So after retouching up on my SQL and writing joins I was able to get that working. Then Later I began to work on how I displayed the data to the client. At first, I was re-directing the client from page to page, but the IT team starting to teach me about Ajax.  Though I still didn’t quite exactly understand how Ajax worked it has many benefits and it made the redirections of the pages very minimal for the clients. So this weekend I will have to do some more practice and research so for next week I can hopefully get a prototype running.

I give myself a rating of 5 this week. I was able to drastically improve my code to handle multiply operations at once, and now it works with a real life file, inside of the example I was thinking the carriers would send.

Looking Forward to another week!

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