TFM: CO-OP: Week Five Reflection

Week five for me here at TFm has been a very busy but productive week for me. After the creating the database last week, on Monday I continued to work on the view the customers will see in the end. But I ran into an issue on how the carriers will send the file through our FTP server. So for the rest of the week, I worked on restructuring my code to handle the FTP functions. After I created database another table to store the user credentials I worked at making the file the user inputs the file to be run through the parser.

Also during the week, I had to create a user specification sheet for the carriers to hopefully follow so it will work with my code. But in the case, some of the carriers do not fully comply with the specs I might have to work on creating specialized drivers for each one of them.

During the week I had my bi-weekly sprint meeting to see what must be accomplished. It is very helpful to be able to sit in these meetings and hearing about the other member’s task and being able to listen to the discussion of other programmers advice.

I give myself a rating of 4 this week. I got a lot accomplished but I didn’t expect to run into the issue with the FTP like I did. But with the bug in mind, I was able to learn a lot on how FTP servers work, and how to create Network folders. So despite the fact, I spent a good portion of my week backtracking and redoing some of my code I can definitely tell I am getting better since I am to fix my bugs and write code much faster and better than when I started.

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