TFM: Co-op: Week Two Reflection

During the second week of my Co-op, I have been assigned a project to complete for my time being here. Due to confidentially with the company, I cannot go into complete detail of what my task is. But for the most part, my job is to after receiving large multi-line text document I must parse the information to make it more human readable. Then store that info into a database. Finally, I must create a view for the customer, so they can view their status and previous orders. Since this is a large project and my main assignment for the Co-op I spend most of the day working on creating the best way to implement it and getting in contact with the customers I receive the files from to ensure we are similar pages for how the data should be formatted and inserted. I am learning proper business manners for communicating and emailing other business professionals. This week I learned about polymorphism in code. To make my code cleaner, less redundant and, more efficient. I give my quality performance rating a 4 (You can always improve on every aspect you do) this week. I have assigned a difficult project that requires me to read manuals, do research, look at past examples and use my own past previous knowledge to implement the most efficient way to parse the files. In my first two weeks here I have already learned so much. Every morning in our daily scrum meetings we discuss so many different topics, and it gives me a great opportunity to listen and see how other programmers write and go about their code.I am starting to get the hang of what I am doing and have become comfortable with my co-workers, and the rest of the staff here at Target Freight.
Looking forward to another week ahead!

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