RoboCodeJS: A Programming Game

BotfightThere is a strong focus on programming in the IT program, and for good reason. Not only will students develop incredibly powerful problem solving skills, it is also true that software is ‘eating’ the world (e.g., Google, Facebook, Uber). But learning programming can be challenging, which is why we are introducing a programming game called RoboCodeJS to make it fun and easy to learn programming in JavaScript. You will find out more about this throughout your coursework, but if you can’t wait please check out the links below, which also contain more information about the history of the game.

On the right you can see a screenshot of an in-game fight between robot-0 and robot-1. Robot-1 has locked its radar onto robot-0 and is firing! The challenge of the game is to coordinate the movement of the bot with the gun and radar, based on information gathered from the radar.

Live demo:
More info:

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