Monthly Archives: June 2018

week 9 at the Pittsburgh Knights

This week was a normal week at the knights. I finally finished the re-design of the store; now just waiting for approval to upload it. Also have to research other teams and see what is eye popping about their site also to see where they put there sponsors on their site besides having a partners/sponsor

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Week 8 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week, we went around downtown Pittsburgh so we can take a photo shoot of us wearing the Knights merch so I can make a new store page. Having us wearing the clothes shows the customers what it would look like on you and it just looks better then just have jpgs of the clothing.

Week 7 at Pittsburgh Knights

Nothing really happened this week. I just had to fix some bugs we had with the site with the player bios again. I also wanted to see if I learn player management for the Fortnite team. I just need to get a relationship with the players. We also got a new intern. Him and I

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Week 6 at Pittsburgh Knights

This week there were a lot of issues with the site. Links were linked to the wrong address, pictures were moved to some random place, and the look of the mobile site for the hearthstone team and the fortnite team were just all messed up. I fixed the issues, but besides that nothing this week

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